Have You Ever…

Searched your child’s belongings trying to understand their behavior? Been contacted by their school or law enforcement about your teen’s behavior? Had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right? Noticed high risk behaviors like drug use, extreme gaming, or self harm?
Our program facilitators bring their personal experience as parents who have dealt with and overcome the struggles of having a teenager involved in high risk activities.

Empowering Families


Empowering Families is a 10 week program for families with teens ages 14-18 (in high school) in danger of dropping out of school, could have a history of using or abusing drugs, might have difficulty controlling their temper, being defiant, or may experience mental health problems or a range of other issues. The program takes a ‘whole family’ approach that helps parents and teens to develop skills for trust and mutual respect. In the first hour, parents and youth participate in separate sessions where they discuss a range of topics. In the second hour, all participants come together again for a session where they build on the topics and skills they’ve explored separately. In addition to the group sessions, families will also meet individually with a licensed therapist.

Parents Will

  • Learn to understand their teen’s perspective.

  • Improve communication.

  • Find fresh approaches to old problems.

  • Set the stage for positive discipline.

  • Ensure a consistent approach to guiding their teen’s behavior.

Teens Will

  • Learn to understand their parents’ concerns.

  • Improve communication.

  • Build social skills to help them make good decisions that will support their well-being and mental health.

For more information on the next start date or how the Empowering Families program can help your family, contact Dr. Bob Conlon at 281. 207. 2434 or bconlon@fortbendcouncil.org.