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Each day Fort Bend Regional Council is working to lessen the effects of substance use in our community.

Youth Prevention Counselors work in 45 school campuses throughout the county, giving students the skills needed to make positive, healthy decisions – especially about drugs and alcohol. On any given day, more than 100 of our friends and neighbors gather to confront their substance use disorders at FBRC’s two treatment facilities. Through the guided help of experienced, caring counselors, these individuals and their families can find hope and healing. You may have the opportunity to meet staff from FBRC in your daily life as we work to share information about the adverse effects of continued substance use and how to protect our families and the community.

It is only through the gracious support of many donors that FBRC is able to accomplish this work. Your donations make a difference every day, and you can be assured that 92 cents of every dollar contributed will directly benefit those served by FBRC’s programs.

With your help, we will continue providing quality prevention, treatment and community outreach programs that impact thousands of children, families and individuals every year.