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Sometimes, we don’t realize how dangerous substance abuse is to and it can increase life’s problems. They are only a coping mechanism that masks the problem. Whether you are using drugs or alcohol for recreational purposes or because you are experiencing marital problems, financial problems, professional problems or family problems you can contact Fort Bend Regional Council to experience a change in your life for a brighter future.

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    Fort Bend Regional Council (FBRC) has licensed, experienced counselors, ready to assist you at two convenient locations in Stafford and in Rosenberg. Our affordable programs have flexible schedules and payment options to support your individual needs.

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Prepare for Your Appointment

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What to Expect from this First Appointment

1. What is an alcohol and drug assessment? 

It is a confidential interview done by a counselor to learn about your alcohol and/or drug use. The counselor may ask about, any counseling you may have had in the past, your physical/mental health, your family and social support. The counselor might also ask you about your legal, relationship, financial, or employment situation. Your responses to the questions will help us learn about your experiences and how substance misuse may have impacted your life. The interview lasts for 1.5 hours, at the end of the session the counselor will make a recommendation for you.

2.  What are some of the recommendations that you might get?

Recommendations are based on appropriate clinical methods to address your alcohol and drug use. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to: • No treatment, if no issues are present • Alcohol or drug education classes • Outpatient chemical dependency treatment • Residential chemical dependency treatment

3. Do you need to follow the recommendations?

FBRC makes recommendations to empower you to change your life. These are simply recommendations. Sometimes the courts, a lawyer, or family member has requested that you follow our recommendations. If this is the case, you will need to speak to that person to discuss whether you follow these recommendations or not.

4 . Who will find out the results of my alcohol and drug assessment?

The results of your assessment can only be shared with you. A written report will be created that details your assessment and your recommendations. This report can be sent to any party you wish, if you have signed a release waiver for it to be shared.

Additional Information: Good to Know

1. Why do I need to be assessed for alcohol and drug use?

To find out if you qualify for enrolling in addiction treatment programs. To help you find alternative paths in your life, where you could progress with more success.

2 . How does my use of drugs and alcohol affect my life? 

It has been proven that alcohol and drugs misuse can seriously impact our personal finance, our performance at work, and our relationships.

3. How can I stay clean and begin the recovery process?

Recognize that alcohol and drugs abuse can be treated in a step by step basis. Be open to receive help from experienced counselors at FBRC.

4. How can I be happy without using drugs and alcohol?

Look for other areas of interest, which may catch your attention, and make you happy, such as: sports, different and new group activities, enroll in educational projects, and others.


Q1: How much does the initial assessment cost?

Our assessment fee is charged one time, but fees vary in a case by case basis.

Q2: Why should I choose to go to FBRC?

FBRC has the most experienced counselors in the greater Houston area. FBRC has been actively working in the county since 1976. FBRC has flexible schedule and payment options for all the clients.

Q3: How will the assessment help with my situation?

Talking with the experienced counselors can help me to understand how addiction has impacted different areas of my life (i.e. health, financial, relationship)

Q4: What is the best way to help a loved one struggling with alcohol and drugs misuse? 

By being supportive and encourage them to seek help. You can ask them to call us and make an appointment to talk with a counselor.

Q5: What will happen after the assessment is complete?

The counselor will privately share the results of the assessment with you and proceed to make the best recommendations that fits to your case.

Q6: Should I be afraid of qualifying for a treatment program?

Millions of people across the nation need substance misuse treatment programs; you are not alone, we are here to help with every single case.

Q7: What are the days and times of the treatment programs?

FBRC offers new clients IOP Treatment during the day and in the evening.  Phase One is Monday Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 1pm or 6pm to 9pm and Family Group is on Saturday from 9am to noon.  Phase One is about four weeks in length.  Phase Two is on Monday and Thursday only from 10am to 1pm or 6pm to 9pm for the remainder of the stay (about six weeks).

We also offer IOP Treatment in Spanish in our Rosenberg office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 9pm.

Q8: Does FBRC offer aftercare services?

Aftercare is offered free of charge and we strongly recommend a minimum of twelve weeks attendance.  Clients may attend in Rosenberg on Wednesday at 5pm and 6pm and in Spanish from 7pm.  Clients may attend in Stafford on Thursday at 930am, 1045am, 5pm, and 6pm.  Meetings are one hour and clients are encouraged to attend as many as they would like.